Terms of Use

The Terms of Use is expected to be abided by the NetEvents members and non-members when using this website or by members or first time attendees attending our business and social networking events. Everyone must be in compliance to avoid any legal implications should the need arise and by which action will be taken to maintain the integrity of the NetEvents.

The NetEvents is an event management company that creates and promotes its unique events in the Canadian cities of Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa and any other cities that may open up in the future. Our website www.thenetevents.com is our electronic communication tool to our members and non-members seeking up to the minute information with regards to upcoming events, announcements, free member registration and purchasing of event tickets online.

The NetEvents may modify its website at any time. Modifications or additions to the website take effect immediately upon upload to the Internet. It is recommended that you review the website periodically to stay abreast of any changes, since there will be no formal notification of amendments to our agreement.

It is understood that the NetEvents does not assume any responsibility with regards to deletion of personal information, failure to store inputed information or miss-delivery of information provided.

It is assumed by all members that in registering as a free member you are providing accurate personal information and that you are consenting with us that this information can be used internally by the NetEvents for the benefit of customizing future events, as well as for collective use in determining appropriate advertising and sponsorship opportunities with third parties. In no way will your personal information be released for individual scrutiny, only collectively for our member demographic market analysis to further provide sponsorship opportunities to the benefit of the events as a whole.

As a member of the NetEvents, you are agreeing that you are of the minimum legal age of 18 years. Even though our business and social networking events are specifically created for professionals of any age, you are responsible for your accurate and current personal information provided. Since our events take place in nightclub venues as well, your age must be compliant with the laws of the province you reside. In Quebec 18 years and in Ontario (19)

Any modifications to your personal profile remains your sole responsibility and not that of the NetEvents. You will have to make your amendments online by entering your username and password to access your personal profile.

All tickets sales are final unless the NetEvents states otherwise. Refunds or credits are only applicable if the business and social networking event must re-schedule due to unforeseen circumstances or cancellation outright for which notification will be sent to members. In certain one on one circumstance the NetEvents may consider refunding 50% of ticket.

Any mishaps, injuries or other third party circumstances during the NetEvent evenings are not the responsibility or liability of the NetEvents.

All Copyright and Trademark Laws, both in Canada and internationally are in effect. In no way, unless with prior consent from the NetEvents will logos, graphics, images, text, audio and video downloads, website design, tool bar buttons or any other software be used. This will be collectively referred to as content property and is for the exclusive use of the NetEvents. Content property will be protected by Canadian and International copyright and Trademark laws.

The NetEvents reserves the rights to make any modifications, additions or changes to the website content without prior notice to its members. Amendments to private policies or terms of use apply as well.


If you have any questions concerning this section or others, please contact us TCPP@thenetevents.com

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