Events Sponosorship & Partners

Hit a home run immediately with The NetEvents sponsorship opportunities!

Hit a home run immediately with The NetEvents sponsorship opportunities!

With a target demographic that points to a refined professional from diverse backgrounds, both professionally and socially, the NetEvents presents an opportunity for your company to meet, greet and show off what your company has to offer at our business & social networking events.

With a range of ways to connect with our members your company gains invaluable exposure through the NetEvents sponsorship program. They are:

  • A minimum of two weeks preceding the NetEvents date, a company logo can be placed in the event details that appears on the homepage of our website.

  • Any printed material used for marketing purposes will also include your company logo as an event sponsor for that particular night.

  • During the NetEvents evening, your company logos will be displayed in the venues. Logo banners must be provided and fall within certain standard specifications.

  • On the evening of the NetEvent, your company has the opportunity to sponsor the event with products or services directly to our members. Examples can range from product sampling and/or sponsoring a free hour of either drinks or hors d'oeuvres.

  • Each event will have fantastic prizes. The sponsors of the event can provide products or services to be won during the grand prize raffles and you will receive prominent exposure at that time. The attention this part of the night will draw with the professionals will also be one of the highlighted signatures of the NetEvents. Great Networking and great sponsorship prizes. GREAT EXPOSURE.

  • Finally, your company representatives will have the chance to attend the events and mingle with the crowd or have our members meet you at one of the designated booths set up at the venue for your company.

  • For further information about sponsoring the NetEvents, please drop us an e-mail at