Privacy policy

The NetEvents state that all obtained information coming from its FREE MEMBERSHIP section of the website be maintained in complete confidentiality in order to protect the privacy policy of all members and in no way is this information transferable to advertisers, sponsors, websites that have reciprocal links with us or any third parties. Only in the event the NetEvents were to sell ownership to another party or enter official partnership with another party would this information be transferable at that time.

The NetEvents may use the pool of demographic information that has been collected from the online membership registration forms to enhance the enjoyment of our member's experiences in future events. This information is strictly for the sole purpose of bettering the future events that will be tailored to the particular cities member's interests.

Personal information that is requested by the NetEvents is retained for our sole use in analyzing our collective group demographic for potential sponsors and advertisers at the business and social networking events.

In the TELL A FRIEND section of the NetEvents website, no information will be retained for future e-mailings or any third parties. Only those that register in the FREE MEMEBERSHIP section of the NetEvents website will be consenting to future e-mailings regarding upcoming events and other pertinent information regarding the NetEvents.

In signing up for periodic NEWSLETTERS, the members are agreeing to receive the NetEvents Newsletters as they come up for release. In no way should these e-mailings be deemed SPAM. If a member wishes to unsubscribe from receiving our newsletter, he or she may do so by simply going to the NEWSLETTER section and entering their e-mail in the Unsubscribe fill in box.

Even though our members are all professionals, no registered member can be of an age lower than 18. Since the NetEvents will take place in venues such as nightclubs, the permitted age by law is 18 in Quebec and 19 elsewhere in Canada.

For further inquires, please e-mail us